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Buying a used car?

You may have found a perfect deal - reasonable price, low mileage, no accidents, etc.. It could be the truth, but it also may have a hidden history only an insurer would know about. According the RAC in the UK, 1 in 4 cars have a potential hidden history. Always be cautious before handing over your hard-earned cash: test the vehicle before buying and ensure you've done a check for any past problems!

Check the history in 3 easy steps

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What you'll find in the Vehicle Check report

Reports will be dependent on vehicle type and country of manufacturer.

Where to find the VIN code

The most common location to find the VIN code is the top of the dash on the passenger side - visible through the front windscreen.

The legal documents for the car, such as the Log Book, will always have the VIN number listed also.

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